Mount ISO and Disc Image Files with Daemon Tools App

Daemon ToolsIf you are a person dealing with CD/DVD/Blu-ray images on the daily basis, then Daemon Tools is tailored made for you. This fantastic Windows application has a free version as well, but we would recommend you to go with the paid version since it comes with some useful extra features. And if you are dealing DVD/Blu-ray/CG images quite regularly then spending money on this software is a good deal for you.

With the paid version you will get a simple, easy to use and a very straight forward interface. If you are using this software for the first even, then you will not face any problems in understanding the basic working of the program. Apart from this, with the paid version you can load up to 32 images depending on the package you have purchased. Not just that, with the pro version of Daemon Tools you also get the complete authority on the image. You can update, edit, delete or add new images in the existing images. Now this is one exciting feature which the [Read more..]

Facebook Hacker – Finds Your FB Password Easily!

Facebook Hack AppNow there comes the application interested by its nature. You have probably stuck in situation when you forgot password to login to your FB account? If yes, then the Facebook Hacker is a best solution for your problem.
A system on how this software functions is a special ‘attack’ method (How its creators claim) which works on a “Guess password” technique scheme. Means the tool will try to login to given Facebook account with thousands of possible combinations until the right working one is guessed.

The question that arises for this system is how this scheme doesn’t get blocked by Facebook’s automation security lock when a certain number of unsuccessful attempts are made. We got an answer from official representatives of hack Facebook password app developers who said that their software is using different proxies for each few times it tries to login. Now this makes sense because if you try login to FB profile multiple times with wrong password, account will automatically get locked and you’ll be forced to change a new one via email verification link or with using [Read more..]

Photobucket – Following the lines of Flickr

Photobucket AppPhotobucket Windows 8 application may appear attractive but it fails to impress us when it comes to functionality. This application allows you to not only view your own images but also the pictures uploaded by other users. However, the number of editing options available on desktop applications is quite disappointing. We hardly found 1 or 2 options to edit our images whereas the web based application has plethora of options. And for us this was a big turn off.

The only and worthy editing option we found on Windows 8 Photobucket application was that it allows you to rename your images. Honestly speaking this is a very basic feature and this is something that every photo editing application offers. [Read more..]

ESET Smart Security 9 – Secures you Smartly

ESET Smart Security 9Just because software is labeled as an antivirus doesn’t mean it can offer you maximum protection. There are those that are capable of removing any malware that may be present on a given system and thereafter take steps in ensuring that any possible future attacks are prevented. There are also those that include parental control, spam filtering as well as protection websites infected with viruses.

ESET Smart Security 9 is one such security suite that covers the spam filtering, protection against malicious websites and parental controls among the other mentioned attributes above. With that being said however, this software doesn’t really measure up to the very best suites. [Read more..]

Cute Rank – Rank it Cutely!

CuteRank Windows AppAre you an Internet Marketer or a blogger? Are you looking to rank your website for some keywords? Do you want to find out where do you rank for some keywords? Do you want to find out your website or blog ranking for certain keywords with a simple click?

Well, then CuteRank is just the perfect Windows based keyword rank checker application for you! Unlike other keyword rank checker applications this amazing application runs directly from your desktop. You don’t need to open any website. Just download CuteRank from the official website and install it on your system. So, whenever you want to check the ranking of keywords you just need to run the application from your desktop and it will display the latest rankings. [Read more..]